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dynamite to the pier, Doctor MacDonald. on horseback at a
gap in the tirafier and heavy growth that lined the steep banks,
had looked down at the undulating blackness of the water and
at the long, poised, undifferen dated mafs of the bridge stretch-
ing across to be lost in the darkness of the farther bank, and
had musingly said, *4 It wouldn't be hard, you know, to figure
out some way."

" Some way to do what?" a man had demanded.

"To do it when they were coming over/' Doctor Mac-
Donald had answered, still musingly. *' A man could figure it
out, all right."

No one had answered,

" I wasn't really suggesting anything," Doctor MacDonald
had said, and had laughed once, briefly, in the darkness. "I
was just sorter figuring/'

Looking down the bank, Mr. Munn had thought, yes, and
there's good cover along here. It got so a man's mind ran
that way.

The roar of the explosion up at the settlement a half-mile
away had come. The men from the skiff had clambered up
the bank. Doctor MacDonald and the others had lifted their
reins. With a boom, and a sound of grinding that filled the
air, the bridge had heaved upward, and over. It had not taken
more than a couple of minutes to fire the superstructure.
Behind them, slowly, the flames had mounted as they galloped
up the pike.

That night, also, Monclalr, the home of Senator Tolliver,
was burned to the ground. The men who fired it were un-
known. When Doctor MacDonald heard the news by tele-
phone the next morning, his surprise was complete. Deliber-
ately, he replaced the receiver upon its hook, but as he turned
from the instrument, his face was drawn and white with fury,
and his hands, hanging from the corded wrists, clenched and

Monclair was the first dwelling-house to be burned. The
Munn place was the second, Despite the threatening Icttm